Sauvage family tradition

Scions of a family of artisans for 5 generations, the Sauvages have preserved and adapted this ancestral spirit to the carpet trade.

That is why Guy Sauvage refuses to apply this fake discount policy so typical of carpet merchants, or to pass a rug made in India or Pakistan as a premium Persian carpet.  A carpet is a work of art and not a vulgar commodity to be haggled over.

To eliminate all confusion, every Iranian carpet is accompanied by a certificate with photo, indicating the origin, age, number of knots, composition of the pile, warp and weft.

The Sauvage family undertakes to take back, immediately, any carpet accompanied by this certificate, for a carpet worth at least 20% more than the purchasing price, less the expenses for cleaning and, where necessary, restoration.

To present the best collection for the best price, the Sauvage family travels personally to Iran, and covers at least 5,000 kilometres per trip, to the most remote villages.  To this end, Guy and Isabelle Sauvage have learnt Farsi, which opens many doors.  It is thanks to these travels that we can offer our customers exceptional pieces that cannot be found in other shops.